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"Born on 11th Aug. 1964. Pramod belongs to the family of artists. He inherits these skills from his father and forefathers, artist / masters in their own fields. His father retired as a principal from an art college and was an eminent water colour artist. His education started in childhood when he would play with the clay his father provided or sometimes with the clay he fetched from the river nearby. These playing hands won the National Talent Scholarship for sculpture in Std. 7th. He then completed Foundation course and Art Teacher Diploma in Pragat Kala Mahavidyalaya, Ahmednagar. His urge to become a sculptor brought him to Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai. One of the oldest and reputed institutions in the country where he went through Diploma in Sculpture and Modelling. While going through his academics he won various respectable awards such as : Bombay Art Society, Art Society Of India. He did not restrict himself to sculpture alone, he became equally versatile in painting and used all the available media. Experimented his skills through mixed media too, proved his skills by portraying in barely 10 mins. During his academic period he worked in film industry with various Art Directors. But one day he landed up in his hometown, armed with all the skills he learnt in Mumbai. Gradually started his studio in Ahmednagar and experimented in all aspects in this field. Due to his sincere efforts, in last 22 yrs. Arts and culture has flourished in A.Nagar. As a person he is a perfect gentleman, his honest modesty, austerity in life, an utter indifference to the commercialisation of his art and devotion to higher values of life are the qualities that are all too evident. Art for him is not a mean of livelihood but a way of life.
By now thousands of portraits, creative paintings and sculptures are gone thro his skillful hands, found collectors in country and abroad, each of them were taken as project and completed giving his best. To name a few of them are : Demonstration of 6 ft. clay panel of Belur Krishna to the Russian delegates who visited his college. Theme monuments of scientists viz. Einstein, Newton, Darwin and Aryabhatt in a residential project in Pune. Ten huge sets which comprises paintings and sculptures of majestic size on the life of Swami Narayan at Swami Narayan temple at Baroda. He sculpted 52 life size models of wild animals to be put on a permanent Installation in Madhya Pradesh,Pune,Mumbai,Nasik and many more are in the list to quote.
Whenever calamities struck the nation, he is always in the forefront to give his services through his art. He collected donations from common people sketching them on the streets of city and donated the amounts to relief funds of Killari, Bhuj earthquake and Kargil war respectively.
He has also won awards in the Applied Art category in the theme communicating National Integration. One of his efforts is to save the environment, he is promoting the idea of clay idol to be install in each and every house during the Ganapati festival and through this innovative workshop to teach the making of Ganapati idols to each individuals participating the workshop inculcates the closeness to nature and brings more liveliness and happiness in the festival. He looks forward for more artist to emerge from such workshops in the future to come.
He always wants his drawings, sketches and the study of finished sculptures to reach the young generation, so that they can study them. He has conducted camps and workshops for different age groups right from Primary students to the Art school students. In these, he has demonstrated the minute details that are helpful for the students to progress and also the different media and different subjects of painting and sculpture. These camps have been held all over Maharashtra as well as Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan.
He is interested in works that hold National importance. He has carried out many assignments for the Indian army. Few amongst them are : ‘The Spirit’- which is a pencil drawing on the wall of dimension 90 ft. by 10 ft. depicting a brief history of evolution of Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre (MIRC), the theme trophy casted in silver for the Silver Jubilee celebrations (MIRC), and the prestigious War Memorial (MIRC). 1:5 scaled model of Abhay tank for Vehicle Research Development and Establishment (VRDE) ,Charger at ACC&S.
The main contribution of Pramod to the Nation is a huge pencil drawing “Sare Jahan Se Achcha” – 70 ft. by 20 ft. in dimension. It is a tribute to the Nation on the occasion of 50 years of Independence on the specially prepared wall of Mahavir Art Gallery in A.Nagar. He has portrayed Bharat Mata and 501 great sons of Indian culture since ages. Right from the sages, deities, freedom fighters, Bharat Ratna, Dadasaheb Phalke, GyanPeeth awardees, Param Vir Chakra recipients and the stalwarts who are the masters in various fields of life and has contributed their sincere efforts to make the country feel proud about them are sportspersons, musicians, dancers, painters, theatre personalities, singers, social activists, pioneers of industrialization etc. In one panaromic view, people see all these personalities and get inspired. This has become a centre of attraction for art lovers and common man in and around Ahmednagar. Each and every visitor is made to visit this wonderful work of art by the admirers.
He is socially active through an institution called ‘Kala Jagat’ to promote art activities. Through this institute he wants to run Gurukul which will impart art education in the guru-shishya tradition and awareness in the general public to make art as a part of their day to day life. In which children from all the social and economical background can participate to sharpen their skills. One of the main objectives of the institute is to uplift the underprivileged children of the society and those students who have artistic skills but lack in academics, so that they can easily earn their livelihood and stand on their own feet. Also, an open category with no age bar to learn this art and many more activities to be performed in the near future.
He is going to undertake beautification of a square by a monument sculpture, it will depict all fine arts- sculpture, dance, music, writing and acting.
This will be a unique square dedicated to art and artists and will have a difference of its own. He has also helped in beautifying various squares in the cities by giving his innovative ideas.
His future project includes A huge pencil drawing on Bharatratn Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Biography.
Last but not the least, one of his future projects is a mask museum in which masks from all the nations and traditions in human race will be displayed.
Once should not hesitate to say that perhaps Pramod is institute in himself.