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Drawing on Wall
“Saare Jahaan Se Achcha” - A masterpiece from the master sketcher.
Created to mark the 50th anniversary of India's indenpendence, this pencil sketch on a 70 ft. x 20 ft. wall at ‘Mahaveer Art Gallery’ in Ahmednagar depicts more than 500 illustrious sons and daughters of India. As a gesture of respect towards this unmatched creation, an Art Festival is held every year at the Gallery, which draws a spontaneous response from the creative fraternity.

A pencil drawing on a wall admeasuring 120 ft. by 10 ft. in the central hall of the Alpha Mess at the Mechanised Infantry Regimental Center (MIRC), Ahmednagar is an illustrative example where Pramod's artistic ingenuity is most apparent. It is an enticing depiction of the evolution of MIRC and memorable occasions in the organization's history.