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Moulding precision
A sculptor extraordinaire, Pramod moulds and carves with characteristic flair, achieving realism that is truly incredible. And he attributes it to his mastery in drawing, believing that drawing is the soul of most other art forms.
Pramod doesn't just make sculptures; he creates masterpieces. From small, delicate figurines to gigantic entities over 100 feet in height, his work is unchallenged in style as well as substance. His variety in sculpting work includes Bust, Creative, Animal, Murals and Fountains.
And when it comes to making busts, Pramod again has the upper hand. His busts are distinctive and thought provoking, because they are conceptual in nature. Whether it is Mahatma Gandhi or Bal Gangadhar Tilak, he has unmistakably captured the values and virtues these great personalities are known for.
Because of the several advantges offered by fibreglass, Pramod uses the material extensively to make his sculptures. Using fibreglass, one can achieve various finishes and effects, including stone, metal, marble, glass, etc.